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ETABS is an abbreviation for Extended Three-Dimensional Analysis of Building system. It is an engineering software that is used to analyze the architectural design of construction projects using mathematical models. For civil and structural engineers ETABS training can help them improve on existing knowledge and also add new skills to their repertoire.

Arabian Infotech offers training programs of 5-week duration for executives who wish to undergo ETABS training in Qatar. All major topics including structural engineering analysis, building designing and modeling are covered in our curriculum. Our classes are available throughout the week and students can choose to come in either or weekdays or weekends based on their convenience.

Course Objective

Our training program has been meticulously scheduled so as to ensure that our students have a complete understanding of the ETABS software and its applications. The course will help engineers understand the various procedures and analysis aspects of building designs.

ETABS Courses Topics

Our course covers in detail the modeling, designing and structural analysis of high-rise building. Mentioned below is an overview of our ETABS program and the various topics that are covered.

Building & Modeling

Structural Engineering Analysis

ETABS Building Design

  • Column Design (BS/ACI)
  • Wall Design
  • Beam Design
  • Extracting the Reinforcement details from ETABS
  • Extracting the stresses due to temperature
  • Understanding the placement of reinforcement

ETABS Training with Arabian InfoTech

As the leading training institute in Qatar, Arabian InfoTech employs a team of expert instructors who are proficient with the software. Our team of tutors and consultants keep a keen eye on the progress of each student and provide them with all the necessary help throughout the duration of the course.

SAFE Model

Unlike the ETABS software, SAFE Models is used only for the analysis and design of substructures such as foundations, slabs etc. SAFE includes all the necessary aspects of civil engineering design under one roofing. Arabian Infotech offers training in SAFE software for both working professionals and students. The various topics we cover during our program includes:

SAFE Modeling

  • Creating different kind of slab shapes with respect to Architecture.
  • Importing the DXF file from AUTOCAD
  • Assigning the load cases
  • Modeling the foundations

Structural Analysis

  • Assigning the load combination (BS/ACI & UBI 97)
  • Assigning the subgrade modulus of raft foundation.
  • Assigning the vertical & horizontal spring constant of Pile foundation.
  • Extracting the reaction from structural 3D model.
  • Analyzing the foundation

SAFE Designing

  • Designing the suspended slab and reinforcement
  • Designing the beams and extracting the reinforcement
  • Modeling the reinforcement strips
  • Understanding the placement of reinforcement (Slab & Beam)
  • Understanding the placement of reinforcement of foundation
  • Checking the soil pressure of foundation
  • Checking the deflection of slabs
  • Calculating the modulus of ruptures


ETABS skills are generally in demand in the construction and engineering sectors, especially in regions like Qatar where there is a significant growth in development and infrastructure projects.

You should get in touch with the institute through email or you should call them to know more details about discount offers. The support team is ready to answer your queries 24x7. Contact Us!

The topics include Building and Modeling, Structural Engineering Analysis, ETABS Building Design, SAFE Model, SAFE design, etc. Our team of expert instructors makes sure all topics are covered.

Course Rating

4.9 average rating based on 1078 rating

(1078 Review)

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