PLC Training in Qatar

PLC Training in Qatar

Arabian Infotech offers the most comprehensive PLC training program in Qatar. Our programming course is designed to help students master the necessary tools required to create a PLC project by themselves. PLC is a specialized digital computer that is widely used for automation purposes in electro-mechanical industries. Our training courses are open to both individuals and corporate organizations. The classes are led by a team of highly qualified professionals with several years of experience working within the industry. Our PLC short courses are conveniently scheduled so that even working professionals can take part in the program.

PLC Training Course Content

Our training program covers the design aspects as well as the working of PLCs. The major topics that will covered during our course includes:

  • Design electrical control system design for industrial projects.
  • Sample industrial PLC projects simulation with TIA portal software.
  • Automatic Motor Control Circuit designing using Ladder Logic.
  • Detail study of Siemens PLC Ladder logic programming with examples.
  • Relay Logic Control & Interlocking Control Circuits.
  • Link between mechanical Electrical and programming documentation.
  • Installation and troubleshooting sensors wired as sinking or sourcing current-
  • Sensing elements like pressure transmitter & level transmitters 
  • Transmitters, motorized vales, Temperature transmitter etc.
  • Study how to design HMI screen and how it works with PLC 

Benefits of PLC Automation & Scada Training Courses

For accurate production counts and optimum operating efficiency, it is necessary to ensure that data send into the collection network is 100% accurate. PLC Automation & Scada courses provides engineers with knowledge on how to ensure safe and adequate outcomes. Major areas covered in this program includes:

  • Hardware components
  • Wiring of different Field device to PLC (I/O)
  • Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • PLC Scada & Automation
  • Information on Siemens PLCs communication with other devices
  • Including a number of other advanced & detailed topics.

Learn PLC Programming with Arabian Infotech

A thorough understanding of PLC programming can help qualified professionals reach greater heights in their working career. Almost all businesses seek the aid of PLCs to achieve accurate inputs and outputs. The use of PLCs is commonly seen in pharmaceutical production, traffic automation systems and escalator systems.

At Arabian Infotech you will learn from the best in the industry. Our instructors are professionals who have extensive experience working in the sector. Simply register with us and let us help you build a more successful professional career.

Student Testimonials

Shuhaib Malik

Arabian Infotech has played a huge role in helping me get a career in Automation. Excellent team of faculties, quality lab, superior equipments and a training program that makes learning an exciting venture.

Amjad Mohd

What I enjoyed during my PLC training with Arabian Infotech was the method of teaching the instructors had adopted. The interactive classroom sessions were extremely useful for me personally.