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Training Descriptions:
  • ETAP is a fully integrated AC and DC electrical power system analysis tool.
  • Engineers use ETAP worldwide in the design, analysis, maintenance, and operation of electrical power systems.
Training Objectives:

By the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Solve transmission, distribution, traction, and signaling together
  • Evaluate substation location and capacity
  • Improve the reliability of the electrical traction power system
  • Unified AC Load Flow
  • Resolve challenges of unbalanced system operation
  • Model unplanned events and future growth
  • Integrated protection with impedance relays

Training Designed for:

This course is intended for the General Electrical power Engineer and Protection Engineer.

Training Program:


    One-Line Diagram:-

  • Toolbar Format
  • Dumpster
  • Project View
  • Project Toolbar
  • Mode Toolbar
  • System Toolbar
  • Study Case Toolbar

  • Section: Load flow Analysis

  • Purpose of a Load Flow Study
  • Connect Element –Bus
  • Connect Element –Element
  • Insert Protective Devices
  • Creating a Project
  • Low flow Analysis

    Short-Circuit Analysis IEC Standard

  • Purpose Of Short-circuit Studies
  • Operating Modes
  • Short-Circuit Phenomenon
  • Combination of AC and DC currents
  • The Effect of Delayed Zero Crossing
  • Circuit Breaker Operation
  • Fault current
  • IEC Short-Circuit Calculation (IEC 909)
  • Currents types and relations
  • Circuit Breaker Selection
  • Standard Ratings for Low Voltage Circuit Breakers (LV-CBs)
  • Protective Device Evaluation
  • Types of Short-Circuits

  • Protective Device Coordination (Etap Star)

  • Concepts & Applications
  • Coordination
  • Motor Protection
  • Required Data -Protection of a Medium Voltage Motor
  • Fuse Types
  • Time margins


    Transient Stability

  • Causes of Instability
  • Consequences of Instability
  • Swing Equation
  • Power and Rotor Angle
  • Equal Area -Stable
  • Equal Area –unstable
  • The solution to Stability Problems

  • Optimal Capacitor Placement

  • The problem of Var Flow in Power Systems
  • Purposes of Shunt Capacitor Applications
  • Optimal Capacitor Placement in ETAP
  • ETAP OCP Capabilities


    Harmonic Analysis

  • Harmonic Sources
  • Classification of Harmonics
  • Phase Angle Relationship
  • Order vs. Sequence
  • Characteristic Harmonics
  • Harmonic-Related Problems
  • Parallel Resonance
  • Harmonic Distortion Measurements
  • Reducing System Harmonics
  • Voltage Distortion Limits
  • Current Distortion Limits


Ground Grid Systems

  • Need for Grounding Grids
  • Objectives
  • Symmetrical Grid Current
  • Decrement Factor
  • Ground Rod Length
  • IEEE Methods
  • Step Potential Profile
  • Touch Potential Profile
  • Absolute Potential Profile

Training Requirement:

“Hand’s on practical sessions software will be applied during the course.

Training Methodology:

This interactive training course includes the following training methodologies as a percentage of the total tuition hours:-


The course provides knowledge and skills in using ETAP software for designing electrical power flow including the entire power system network and instrumentation panel system

ETAP provides powerful system analytic tools to help engineers identify and address issues like power quality, power delivery, and power automation.

The functions of ETAP include load flow analysis, short circuit analysis, motor starting analysis, harmonic analysis, protection coordination, and transient stability analysis.

Course Rating

5.00 average rating based on 7 rating

(7 Review)

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