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Join our certified building management course to increase your employability in BMS and home automation sectors in Qatar. Our BMS course has been developed considering the skills and qualifications required by a BMS technician in Qatar. We have a team of expert tutors who make the complex technologies easy and comprehensible for the students to use practically. Through well-defined modules, we make the BMS technicians acquainted with all the latest technologies used in the building management sector.

Various technological advancements such as CCTV surveillance, security systems, access control automation, fire safety systems, HVAC, and more have diversified the role of a BMS technician. Our BMS technician certificate course will help you optimize control over resources, improve security, and establish a strong access control in the building. This will not only improve your work efficiency as a BMS engineer but also provide opportunities to enhance your career in the industry.

Building Management System Technician Syllabus

Our BMS course has been divided into four complete modules, where each module covers a specific area of building management systems in Qatar. Through a well-structured pattern, the BMS technician course includes everything from the fundamentals of the topic to advanced technical knowledge. From the effective implementation of high-end automation systems to their efficient maintenance, the course is a complete package for any BMS professional.


The BMS technician will be introduced to the basics of building management courses and various protocols that govern the sector to help them understand how it works.

  • Introduction to BMS
  • Advantages of BMS
  • Future markets and opportunities
  • System architecture
  • Layers of arrangement
  • DDC - Basic signals
  • Protocols


With simplified explanations and more practical sessions, this module of our BMS course will guide the students through various technologies and automation systems utilized by buildings in Qatar.

  • HVAC Basics
  • FCU, VAV
  • FAHU, AHU, Chiller Plants
  • Other MEP Services
  • DDC in details
  • Input/Output Modules
  • Unitary Controllers
  • Field Devices
  • Actuators - Valves, Dampers
  • Sensors and Signals
  • Cable Connections
  • Installation Guides


The students will further learn about the various configuration systems, integration, tools, and techniques that a professional BMS technician needs to be aware of.

  • Engineering Tools
  • Installation and Requirements
  • Project Creation
  • IO Point Configurations
  • Control Logics - PIDs
  • Control Logic Creations
  • Sample Logics for AHUs
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Commissioning Techniques


Our BMS course also includes training to understand documentation, scheduling, log maintenance, and more required to ensure efficient management of the building systems in Qatar.

  • BMS Graphics
  • Page Creation
  • Licensing Points
  • Animations for Equipment
  • Alarms
  • Schedules
  • Trend Logs
  • BMS-Related Documents


There are no strict prerequisites but having a basic knowledge in the field will be helpful. Language proficiency, computer skills like software applications, and minimum educational qualifications are some common prerequisites. Learn More

The duration may not be the same for all BMS courses. It may vary depending on the syllabus. We offer a 6-week long course which is ideal to cover all important aspects.

Not all BMS Technician certifications are internationally recognized. It depends on factors like the standards of the institute and the program. Our program is designed to meet international standards.

Building Automation companies, real estate companies, HVAC contractors, energy management companies, the public sector, manufacturers of building automation products, etc. hire BMS technicians.

Course Rating

4.7 average rating based on 1730 rating

(1730 Review)

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