Extra Low Voltage (ELV) Engineering
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Extra Low Voltage (ELV) Engineering

  • Know Regulation And Particular Requirement
  • Operational And Installational Knowledge
  • Develop And Understand The Essential Elements Of Systems
  • Gain Design And Selection Knowledge


Closed Circuit Television-CCTV

  • Video Surveillance Introduction
  • Types Of Cctv System– Ip And Analog
  • Selection Of Camera Based On Application And Location
  • Centralized And Distributed System Architecture
  • Design Requirement And Regulations
  • Field Of View And Lense Calculation
  • Recording Time And Capacity Calculation
  • Client And Server Applications
  • Installation And Maintenance Procedures
  • Video Management Systems
  • Design Review


Structured Cabling System

  • Structured Cabling System Introduction
  • Architecture Of Structure Cabling System
  • Cabling Media Requirements For Both Voice And Data Links In Backbone And Horizontal Distribution System
  • Design Requirement And Regulations
  • System Components, Types, And Field Arrangement
  • Designing Of Structured Cabling System
  • Design Review


Building Automation / Other Systems

  • Introduction To Building Control Systems
  • Different Types And Its Integration
  • Introduction To Parking Management System
  • Introduction To Smart Clock
  • Sample Project Review


Access Control System

  • Introduction To Access Control System
  • System Architecture And Selection Of Controllers
  • Different Parts Of Access Control System
  • Design Of Access Control System
  • Lock Selection And Door Schedules
  • Integration With Other Systems And Coordination
  • Installation And Maintenance Procedure
  • Design Review


Fire Alarm System

  • Fire Alarm System Introduction
  • Types Of Fire Alarm System
  • Design Requirement And Regulations
  • Selection Of Fire Alarm System
  • Selection Of Detector And Alarm System
  • Implementation Of Connectivity And System Architecture
  • Designing Of Fire Alarm System
  • Voltage Drop Calculations
  • Installation And Maintenance Procedures
  • Sample Design Introduction - Software
  • Design Review


Public Addressing System And Av Solutions

  • Introduction Of Public Addressing System
  • Different Parts Of Public Addressing System
  • Regulation For Public Addressing System
  • Selection And Design Of Public Addressing System
  • Amplifier Selection And Calculation
  • Sound Db Level
  • Acoustic Calculation Basics
  • Background Music Systems
  • Audio And Video Solutions To Building Projects
  • Installation And Maintenance Procedures
  • Design Review


Emergency Lighting System

  • Emergency Lighting System Introduction
  • Types Of Emergency Lighting System
  • Central Battery System Vs Standalone System
  • Design Requirement And Regulations
  • Locations Of Placement And Basic Consideration
  • Installation And Maintenance Procedures
  • Design Review