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The Revit MEP training course is designed to help civil engineers and drafters familiarize themselves with the tool. Revit enables mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering professionals to create complex building projects with minimal errors. In addition to increasing the overall accuracy of your documentation, the Revit structure also helps to cut down on time spent to produce final construction drawings.

Arabian Infotech provides the most comprehensive Revit MEP training course in Qatar. The classes are scheduled in a manner that will enable working professionals to attend and complete the program. As of now, we are only accepting students every other month, so get in touch to know more details.

Training Course Topics

Revit MEP Design Tool

Revit is an innovative design tool that enables enhanced coordination and quicker design within a BIM Model. Users with a complete understanding of the software will be able to design, analyze, fabricate and install MEP systems accurately. Some of the benefits that come with using REVIT includes improved design quality and increased productivity.

Who Should Undergo Revit MEP Training

Revit MEP training classes are aimed at helping structural engineers, architects, designers, and draughtsman to better understand the concept of Building Information Modeling and the Revit program in particular. Upon completion of the 5-week long course, students will have the necessary tools to take their building projects to the next level.


The course is designed in such a way that beginners with little or no knowledge can understand it. It is aimed at helping construction professionals to understand the concept of the Revit program and BIM.

Some common projects that you will work on include MEP systems, building components, MEP system analysis, documentation, advanced MEP systems, and coordination of MEP systems.

Autodesk Revit, a building information modeling software is used by architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, plumbing engineers, electrical engineers, etc. This software is covered in the course.

Course Rating

5.00 average rating based on 1890 rating

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