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Arabian Infotech provides the most comprehensive electrical design training in Qatar. The training course is ideal for engineers who want to gain theoretical and practical knowledge about the electrical infrastructure within commercial buildings. Our six-week-long training program will cover both the primary and advanced topics about electrical system design. The course will prove beneficial not only for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing engineers but also for architects that are involved in the design and installation of MEP systems. Our experienced MEP electrical instructors can help you in understanding the design aspects of even the most complex high-rise building.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the training course, our students will have a thorough understanding about:

  • The basic electrical principles and their application to electrical equipment.
  • Circuits and systems used within commercial and high-rise buildings.
  • Concepts of Grounding and Power Factors.
  • Electrical Code Interpretation.
  • Short Circuit Calculations of buildings.

Electrical Design Course Content

  • Electrical Generation, transmission, and distribution general concept.
  • Lux level Calculation, Load scheduling, common area, open area, and load calculation.
  • Voltage Drop Calculation, Switch Gears, Panel Boards.
  • Transformer Selection as per regulation.
  • Cable Tray Design & Selection, BUSBAR details, and selection.
  • Different Electrical Services: Lightening, Power, Fire Alarm CCTV, etc.
  • Telephone system (As per DU, Etisalat).
  • Types of Drawings: Design Drawing & Shop Drawing.
  • Green Building Design Implementation.
  • Types of Earthing according to the requirements.
  • Designing as per Electrical standards: NEC, BS, DEWA, ADEWA, IEC, NEMA, NFPA, etc.


You can enroll in the Electrical Design Training Program online. Fill out the form and submit it. Arabian Infotech is reputed for its training program. You can contact us if you have any doubts or queries. Contact Now!

You should obtain relevant education in the electrical field. You can go for a bachelor’s degree or obtain a professional certification. The certification courses are of shorter duration but are valuable if your program is accredited.

The services of electrical designers are of great value in a wide array of industries. So, they are in high demand. The salary is competitive and the scope for advancement is good.

The topics covered include electric generation, transmission, and distribution, voltage drop calculations, panel boards, switch gears, different electrical services like power, CCTV, and fire alarm, transformer selection, etc.

Course Rating

4.8 average rating based on 1730 rating

(1730 Review)

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