MEP Estimation

MEP Estimation

The process of MEP estimation involves sketching out the expenditures in an engineering project and scheduling all activities around it. The analysis of costs and budgeting is a necessary tool in development projects, as it helps implement all building activities within the budget.

Arabian Info Tech aims to assist career-oriented individuals to achieve their professional goals by being equipped with the right skills to succeed. Being certified with MEP estimation skills can be a major breakthrough for your goals, as it is a highly valued profession.

At Arabian Info Tech, we provide an extensive MEP Estimation course tailored to your requirements, with a focus on areas of your choice. Our programs are all affordable and the curriculum dives into the depth of the subject, giving you a thorough understanding of the field before you embark on a career.

MEP Estimation Course Topic Overview

This MEP estimation training aims to enable individuals to achieve maximum productivity on the field. Our syllabus is comprehensive is written keeping the requirements of the industry in mind. A growth in your career is just a step away.


  • HVAC systems.
  • Overview layout of gas or BMS.
  • Drainage systems.
  • Firefighting systems.
  • Plumbing systems.


  • Low and high electric current systems.

Advantages of MEP Estimation Training

Learning MEP estimations gets you ready for a career in mechanical and electrical engineering. Other options include plumbing and firefighting. Our courses are tailored to industry requirements are comply to universal standards.

We also include several sub topics in the curriculum. We ensure that our students are well equipped with skills for the industry. Learning at our institute is a lifelong investment that will guarantee success in your career.

Vital Topics

  • Preparation of enquiry check list from project input; and summary analysis to refer to details in a short duration of time.
  • Verification of manufacturer’s list to perform a costing.
  • Estimation of the project’s costs based on build, specifications and drawings.
  • Submission of enquiry to supplier and receive a quotation; double check with inputs.
  • Submission of the quotation before the given deadline.

Sub Topics

  • Amount taken from the schematic diagram and the layout.
  • Differentiate between BOQ and quantity take off for price sheet final quantity verification.
  • Add all required items; delete all the unwanted ones based on its use.
  • Calculate the building’s height and built up area from its blueprints and drawings.
  • Signed contract value variations & Final value of the project.