AutoCAD Certification Training in Qatar

AutoCAD Certification Training in Qatar

AutoCAD is a computer-aided design software that is commonly used by architects, engineers and construction professionals. Arabian Infotech provides AutoCAD training courses in Qatar that will help validate your knowledge of the program. The primary objective of our AutoCAD program is to enable our students to design professional 2D & 3D drawings using the software. Our course duration is only five weeks long and we accept new admissions on a monthly basis. For executives, who may find it difficult to attend the classes on weekdays, you can choose on come in on the weekends as well. With an AutoCAD certification, you can be recognized internationally as a professional drafter.

AutoCAD Program Modules

  • Module 1: User Interface
  • Module 2: Creating Drawings
  • Module 3: Manipulating Objects
  • Module 4: Drawing Organization and Inquiry Commands
  • Module 5: Altering Objects Module
  • Module 6: Working with Layouts
  • Module 7: Annotations
  • Module 8: Dimensioning
  • Module 9: Hatching Objects
  • Module 10: Working with Reusable Content
  • Module 11: Creating Additional Drawing Objects
  • Module 12: Create Template Content
  • Module 13: Insert and Manage External References
  • Module 14: Isolate or Hide Displayed Objects
  • Module 15: Layouts and Visibility Module
  • Module 16: Printing and Plotting

Who Should Undertake AutoCAD Training Course

There are no specific instructions as to who can and who cannot undergo an AutoCAD training course . Anyone that is interested in creating blueprints or object layouts can undertake the short training course. Ideally engineers, drafters, technicians and architects will find the program more useful for their professional work.

Student Testimonials

Shuhaib Malik

I have successfully completed my AutoCAD training with Arabian Infotech. The teachers as well as the facility were top-notch, I would recommend the firm to all potential aspirants.

Amjad Mohd

The AutoCAD certification course that I undertook with Arabian Infotech was completed within the planned time. The faculty were thoroughly knowledge and were on hand to him me understand even the most trivial of details.