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Arabian Infotech offers the most comprehensive HVAC training program in Qatar. The program will prove helpful to qualified mechanical engineers who seek to supplement their knowledge in HVAC designing. Apart from engineering professionals, the program will also be useful to individuals who are handling HVAC commodities. Upon completing our six-week-long training course, students will be able to design and run maintenance of HVAC systems efficiently. Students who wish to enroll in our HVAC MEP training course can join in one of our monthly batches. For working professionals, we provide the option of attending the classes on weekends.

Course Topics

  • Heat Load Calculation (Manual, E20 & HAP Software)
  • Ventilation Criteria (Car Park & Kitchen, etc.)
  • Classification and selection of air handlers
  • Duct system design (Manual & Software Duct Sizer)
  • Different Types of Ducting
  • ESP Calculation
  • Chilled water piping design
  • Chiller Plant Working
  • Analysis of Chiller Problems
  • District Cooling System Design
  • Sizing of Stairwell Pressurization Fan
  • Types of building Systems
  • VAV & VRV Chiller and their importance in Selection Procedure
  • Criterions for Equipment selection (Review with ACTUAL EXAMPLES)
  • Pump
  • Air handling unit
  • Fan coil unit
  • Chiller
  • Fan
  • Car Park Ventilation
  • Cooling Tower
  • Control valve (2 port & 3 Port) and balancing valve selection, etc....
  • Practical Project with Govt. Standards
  • Using ASHRAE Standards

Why Undergo HVAC Training with Arabian Infotech

HVAC training with Arabian Infotech is an ideal certification program for mechanical engineers hoping to grab a career in the construction industry. Our course curriculum is structured in a manner that will help develop your professional career. We provide our students with an environment where they can build on their current knowledge from a faculty pool that has numerous years of experience in the industry.


An HVAC training course lasting for six weeks or more is the best because students will be able to design, run, and maintain HVAC systems efficiently after completing the course. Make sure you join one of the best Training institutions like Arabian Infotech.

The demand for HVAC designers is increasing. You can work on diverse projects. The diverse projects, the room for creativity and innovation, etc. make the job interesting. Moreover, the remuneration is also increasing for HVAC professionals.

The highest-paying HVAC jobs include HVAC design engineer, HVAC project engineer, HVAC sales engineer, HVAC controls engineer, HVAC estimator, HVAC service engineer, and HVAC entrepreneur.

The new technologies in 2024 include smart thermostats, 3D printing, maintenance of indoor air quality, remote control, energy efficiency, VRF systems, water chiller systems, etc.

Course Rating

4.9 average rating based on 1266 rating

(1266 Review)

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