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Prokon & STAAD Pro are tools that are major necessities in civil or structural industries, to draw and survey all sorts of building structures. STAAD is not restricted to a particular construction unit, or a building type – it can be used for a wide range of structures for easy designing.

STAAD Pro makes engineers’ work automated and less time consuming. Unlike manual designing, which takes hours, STAAD Pro helps you design structures in the nick of time. The latest version of STAAD Pro, STAAD Pro V8i has more features and capabilities. Arabian Info Tech offers an extensive course which gives you a pathway to understanding the software. Our training courses are easy on your budget and being certified is assured to open several doors to a new career.

Importance of Staad Pro. & Prokon

STAAD bro has several features that makes modelling easier for designing a plethora of structures. The interface is easy to use, and the results are more accurate than designing done manually. Construction and engineering firms use STAAD for all their drawing needs.

Course Objective

Our training aims to help students get a detailed understanding of using the STAAD Pro software for designing and survey of structures. Our curriculum is industry oriented and focusses on teaching all the features, including the interface of the software, visualization tools, design and survey engines. All of these include the advanced finite element (AFE).

Course Outcome


STAAD undergoes regular updates to improve performance. STAAD Pro courses aim to cover the latest features and updates in the software and ensure that the students receive up-to-date training on its functionalities.

Yes, you will gain knowledge in structural analysis and design software that will support you to work as an independent consultant in the field. You can proceed to work independently if you have professional credentials.

Soft skills emphasized in STAAD Pro training include problem-solving skills, communication skills, time management skills, collaboration skills, and attention to detail.

Course Rating

4.8 average rating based on 1088 rating

(1088 Review)

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