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Fire Fighting design is an advanced certification course aimed at helping mechanical and electrical engineers climb the rungs in their professional careers. Fire protection designers must be able to analyze the building components on the whole while also considering factors such as the purpose of the building and expected foot traffic. Arabian Infotech's fire fighting training course in Qatar covers all the significant topics concerned with the design, drafting, and operation of plumbing and fire fighting systems. We currently accept new students each month to our five-week-long training program. For working professionals who may find it difficult to attend the classes on weekdays, they can choose to come in on the weekends.

Fire Fighting Design Guidelines

  • UAE Fire code / IS Standard / QCD / Local Standard.
  • International Design Standards- NFPA and BS.

Fire Fighting Course Content

An advanced certification in fire fighting design will prove beneficial to both mechanical, electrical, and even electronic engineers. Our course curriculum covers the following topics:

Water-Based Systems: All Types of Occupancy Project

  • Hydraulic Calculation
  • Fire Pump Set Selection / Calculations
  • Classification of Fire & Hazard Selection
  • Automatic Sprinkler system
  • Wet Riser / Stand Pipe system (Hose Reel & Landing Valve)
  • Fire Hydrant System
  • Deluge Pre-action Systems
  • Deluge Water Spray System

Foam-Based Systems: Oil & Gas Protection

  • Deluge Foam System

Gas-Based Clean Agent Systems: Electrical Hazard Protection

  • FM200 System
  • NOVAC1230

Fire Alarm System: Smoke / Heat / Fire / Fault/Action / Alert Indication

  • Addressable Fire Alarm System
  • Conventional Fire Alarm System
  • VESDA System

Emergency Power Backup System: Evacuating Occupants

  • Emergency Exit Light System

Emergency Announcement System: Evacuating Occupants

  • Voice Evacuation System
  • Public Address System

Fire Fighting Training with Arabian Infotech

Arabian Infotech offers fire protection design training under the guidance of an experienced pool of faculty. Upon completing the program, students will have a complete understanding about the design, estimation, and execution of fire safety systems in all sectors. The classes are conducted in a timely manner and all the necessary books and learning aids will be provided from our side.


You will understand fire protection systems including fire alarm systems, smoke detection systems, and fire sprinkler systems. You will be able to design fire protection systems that can detect and control fires.

Yes, there are opportunities for practical experience during the Fire Fighting Design Training. The program covers all practical issues and gives practical training.

Yes, our program covers all relevant topics related to the design, drafting, and operation of firefighting systems. Our trainers are experienced experts in the field with knowledge of the latest advancements in the field.

Course Rating

5.00 average rating based on 1560 rating

(1560 Review)

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