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Arabian Infotech offers plumbing design courses in Qatar for engineering professionals hoping to enhance their skill set. Our five-week-long plumbing design program covers topics including water supply designs, drainage designs, LPG designs, and Steam-line designs. We hope to provide our students with a thorough understanding of all aspects related to plumbing system designs. Students who wish to be a part of the program can enroll in our classes which are currently available only during the weekends. All our MEP training courses have been designed in a manner that will help our students achieve core competencies in their respective fields.

Plumbing Design Course Curriculum

The plumbing MEP design course is useful for both mechanical and electrical professionals working within the construction industry. Arabian Infotech’s plumbing design training course offers the following programs:

Water Supply Services Design

The course will cover in detail about the designing of water supply system as per local and International standards. The major topics that will be covered include:

  • Fundamentals of Plumbing System
  • Fixtures, faucets and fixture fittings
  • Sizing and selection of storage tanks and estimation of daily water demand
  • Sizing of Booster and transfer pumps
  • Detailed Pump head calculations
  • Hot water system design and selection of solar panels and calorifiers

Drainage Services Design

The course will cover all aspects in relation to the designing of drainage systems as per local and British regulations. The major topics that will be covered during the program includes:

  • Standard pipe sizes for the fixtures and designing of piping systems
  • Gulley traps, manholes, catch basins, sand traps and venting system
  • Sizing of grease interceptors, holding tanks, condensate drain calculations, storm water design and pipe sizing
  • Manhole schedule preparations, sump pit design and sump pump sizing

LPG Services Design

The LPG design course will provide our students with a complete understanding of designing LPG networks as per local and British standards. The major topics covered during the program will include:

  • Sizing of LPG tanks for residential and commercial applications
  • Local authority regulations for the installation of LPG tanks
  • Accessories for LPG networks
  • Pipe sizing for natural gas and LPG

Steam Services Design

The course will cover the designing of a steam network as per local and British standards. Major topics covered during the program will include:

  • Sizing of steam boilers for commercial applications
  • Pipe sizing for steam and condensate piping
  • Steam traps, feed water tanks design, feed water pumps


The duration of the programs varies depending on the topics covered. Our Plumbing Design Program is a 5-week long course and is currently available during the weekends alone. Enquire Now!

The training course helps you to understand the different systems of plumbing systems, learn building codes and regulations, develop design skills, use design software, and develop collaboration skills.

You can become a plumbing designer, plumbing engineer, plumbing consultant, plumbing service engineer, plumbing inspector, plumbing facilities manager, or a plumbing entrepreneur.

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